Lena Schmidt

Lena Schmidt's work celebrates places of urban abandonment, industrial wastelands, concrete ruins and urban wilderness. There, she looks for leftovers of industrial wood, such as pallets or boxes, and is captivated by the traces of the place and its history »written into« those planks and blocks. Her modus operandi is deliberately reduced, applying black edding, sometimes shades of colored enamel on the wood, and then scratching it off in thin, fine lines. This preserves the unique character of the wood and results in works of reduced colouring, but with rich, manifold visual impression. The combination of technical-graphical colour application and organic material allows Schmidt's work not only to capture the very moment of her forgotten places, but their history and memory as well.

Since 2020 Lena Schmidt works in her studio in the »Gärtnerhaus« at the Woods Art Institute in Wentorf near Hamburg. Click here if you would like to arrange a studio visit
Visit the website of the Woods Art Institute and get inspired by this magical place:
Lena Schmidt, Woods Art Institute, Gärtnerhaus
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